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Software for video chats with effects and for online multimedia file sharing
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Maybe today is very common to have a web cam and conduct video chats with friends and family. Therefore, you won’t be much surprised to know that Magic I is an application for using webcams. However, you can find interesting to know that is not only that. Magic I is a software that combines the traditional use of a webcam for video chat with other utilities, such as the ability to share videos, pictures and PowerPoint presentations through your webcam, and the inclusion of filters, effects and avatars to enrich your video chats and prevent them to become routine. In addition, you'll have an added advantage: you can share your webcam among multiple applications at the same time. So while you're doing a video chat, other person may use the same camera in other applications.

To enjoy all the utilities that this software offers to you, you only have to know some details about its interface. To begin, we tell you that the program has two operation modes: Webcam and Media.

When you choose the "Webcam" mode you’ll have available all the utilities and necessary adjustments to start your video chats. Simply select the webcam device you want to use and log on. Then, you can make some adjustments to help you improve the image, either automatically or through the control of brightness and contrast. In addition, according to the hardware you have, you can access other additional settings. One of the features of this mode you can find very useful is the "Face Tracking" tool which will make the camera able to follow your face and focus automatically. This way you can be sure that, despite your movements, your friend will always have you framed.

The "Media" mode will allow you to share your videos, photos and presentations via your webcam, without having to attach files. You can open the files you want to share and thus the person who is in communication with you can see them in real time. You’ll be able to play videos and presentations either continuously or controlling the reproduction, screen by screen. In addition you will be able to zoom and adjust the playback of the image. If you have Microsoft Office installed, you can also share your PowerPoint presentations. However, it must be said that you can only use this mode via an Internet connection but not through a local network.

Effects, Illustrations and Avatars
In either mode you will have the ability to create original effects and displays to enrich your files and video chats. You will have three panels available which include:
Effects: image filters, mirror effects and deformation to alter the image broadcasted with the webcam.
Illustrations: there are many frames to decorate your images and generate fun effects of changing situations to create an atmosphere for your video chats.
Avatars: If you do not want to use your real look in your video chats, or prefer to enhance your personality through any characterization, you can select from a list of avatars that will show and track your moves during your chats. In addition, you can create new avatars or add some from the Web.

It runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and is specially designed to optimize the batteries of notebooks, since after a few seconds after closing or minimizing the application will automatically remove the webcam to save energy.

Lionel Mira
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  • It includes effects, frames and avatars to enrich video chats and multimedia files
  • It allows simultaneous webcam use on several applications
  • It shares files and presentations online through the webcam
  • It includes Face Tracking
  • Available in 5 languages: english, French, german, Spanish, Chinese and nihongo


  • Only available for Windows
  • Available utilities for image quality adjustments depend on the hardware you have
  • The frames tool doesn't work with ASF, WMV, RM and MP4 files
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